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When our clients are no longer able to drive, our Angels
are there to take them wherever they need to go 

Transportation Means Freedom

What would it be like to lose your ability to drive your vehicle?

While many of us take this for granted, our clients are often dependant on others to buy necessity items like groceries and prescriptions.

The feeling of being a burden can often cause seniors to limit their outings, leaving them stuck at home, feeling isolated, and wishing they still enjoyed the freedom of their younger years.


It's that freedom that our Angels aim to bring back into their lives.


No more limiting outings and no more feeling like a burden to adult children or friends.


At My Angel Friend, we provide safe, reliable, on time transportation with the friendliness and love we give to our own parents and grandparents.


That means when we pick up our clients up, we come inside and help them out the door, ensuring everything is locked up and turned off before we leave.


We also take great care when helping our clients get in and out of our vehicles, and accompany our clients wherever they would like to go.

Upon return, we help our clients out of the vehicle and into the house, ensuring they are settled and comfortable before we leave.


Whether it's grocery shopping, a hair appointment, or even a theater production, our Angels work to restore that lost freedom by working on our clients' schedule as often as possible.


And, our angelic attitude and cheerful communication with those we serve makes it clear that taking them places is anything but a burden. 

Our Transportation Services

We take our clients wherever they need to go.
Our clients take comfort in knowing that our Angels:
  • Have an excellent driving history
  • Have undergone an RCMP criminal record check
  • Have vehicles that are fully insured
  • Drive cautiously and courteously
Our clients love the fact that we:
  • Will be a companion to them on short and even long trips (up to 300 km)
  • Have vehicles that are easy to get into and out of
  • Pick them up inside their homes and ensure everything is locked up and turned off before we leave
  • Escort them to and from the vehicle and help them get in and out
  • Help load any items they many need for the trip such as walkers or wheelchairs
  • Accompany them wherever they go, if needed or wanted
  • Help them load groceries or other purchases into the vehicle
  • Ensure they arrive home safely and escort them back into their home, and are settled and comfortable before we leave
We drive our clients and are a companion to them wherever they want to go, including:
  • Medical Appointments
  • Dental Appointments
  • Legal Appointments
  • Appointments with Financial Advisers or Accountants
  • Hair appointments
  • Hospital 
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Social activities
  • Library
  • Bank
  • Pharmacy
  • Mall
  • Restaurant
  • Religous Services
  • Visits with friends
  • Cruises and other vacations
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