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We're here to help when age no longer makes it possible for some of those bigger jobs to get done

We also help with the bigger things.

On top of our Home Support Services, My Angel Friend offers Home and Yard Maintenance and Repairs.


We realize that doing simple home maintenance - things we find easy, like changing a light bulb or hanging a plant - can be quite an ordeal and even dangerous for a senior citizen.

Our services enable our clients to remain in their home and have their homes and yards taken care of for as long as they choose.

Home and Yard Maintenance & Repairs

My Angel Friend provides many Home and Yard Maintenance & Repair Services such as:
  • Simple Plumbing
  • Simple Electrical
  • Installation of Bath & Shower Railings
  • Indoor & Outdoor painting
  • Lawn mowing
  • Leaf Raking
  • Tree Care
  • Hedge and bush trimming
  • Yard Waste Disposal
  • Snow Removal
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