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Years before the concept of My Angel Friend was even thought of, Aimee & Dave Miller (a wife and husband team) spent many hours over many years taking care of four aging grandparents.
This work was very rewarding and our grandparents were always incredibly appreciative that we were in their lives.
As we visited and helped them as often as we could, they often spoke of the peace of mind it brought knowing that they could call on us whenever they needed help.
We also found that our grandparent's adult children were also full of appreciation and often expressed their gratitude for the peace of mind they experienced when it came to us helping their parents.
A large part of this was because of the fact that none of the children lived in the same town, and all of them led busy lives and some were only able to visit in person a few times each year.
From helping grandparents, we branched out to helping others in our community with the same results.  
And, we have to admit, as we continue to serve, we continue to LOVE the genuine appreciation and gratitude we receive on a regular basis.  It makes our "job" fun and enjoyable, knowing that we are making a real and positive difference in the lives of people we now call friends. 
Over time, we have realized three main things:
1. We want to continue to help seniors achieve greater independence, by staying in their own home, if possible, while also giving their children peace of mind knowing that their parents are in the care of reliable, friendly, trustworthy people.
2. Because of our busy schedules, we found it was often challenging to devote as much time to caring for our grandparents and others in our community as we would have liked.
But, by approaching this non-medical home care as a business now, we can devote more time to what we consider to be one of the most important services out there.
3. While we wish we could personally help all seniors who want and need our services, we are still only two people and are still limited by time.
So, by expanding our business by hiring reliable, trustworthy "Angels", we can meet the demand for our services while also maintaining the highest standard of friendly, compassionate care.
And, as we mentioned on our home page, we feel that, not only do our clients benefit from the compassionate care we give them, we also benefit as we listen to their life experiences and learn from the wisdom they have gained over their many years of life.
We absolutely LOVE being involved in such a wonderful, win/win relationship with our clients.
If you would like to know more, or to book your free, no obligation consultation, please contact us here.

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